Issue #1

August 3rd, 2006

Nominations for the Orion Awards are now open!


Think you can figure out who wrote a drabble just by reading it? Think you can recognize an author’s style in only 100 words of fic? Well, here’s your chance to try, even if you don’t think either these things.

This month we have eight authors, with a total of nine drabbles to place. Good luck!

Rising Stars


Mockingbirdflyaway, nominated both last year and this year for her WIP novel Cause and Effect, has avoided falling into many of the traps of those who pair Artemis with an original character...

Orion's Belch

In honor of Artemis Fowl's birthday, I have recovered the transcript from a meeting of Haven's Psychological Committee—the meeting during which they discussed the mental well-being of Artemis.   Haven's Psychological Committee—playfully called the Psycho-Illogical Committee by everyone who is not a member—is headed by Doctor Jerbal Argon and Professor Incus Cumulus...

Suffering from Gnommish withdrawal?

Crack the Eternity Code

One of the most unique things about the Artemis Fowl series is Gnommish, the little code that runs at the bottom of the books. Like many fans, I went ahead and decoded the the Gnommish right after I read the book.

However, the codes were dreadfully easy when a conversion chart, albeit a partial one, was provided.

Crack the Eternity Code is not as straightforward as the codes in the book. It will be challenging, but anybody with a bit of patience and logic should be able to crack the codes here...

Happy Birthday, Artemis!

Artemis Cubed

Blue Yeti The White Lily In a swirl of melodramatic maroon, the plot holes cleared to reveal three of our favourite character in melodramatic black suits.

“How extraordinary.”

“Yes,” replied a piping voice. “This is most curious.”

“Hardly,” said a third voice, older than both the previous two. “This is all perfectly rational, if we allow for a wormhole in the space-time continuum.”

Forgotten Fics

Here is a showcase of ‘forgotten fics’: brilliant stories, long lost in the quagmire of Many of them were written years ago, but as their authors have moved on, so have their fans. It was time the newest Fowlers got to enjoy them...

A Quick Grammar Lesson

This month’s article deals with the basics of punctuation. I’m not sure punctuation counts as grammar, but it’s important to know anyway...


SINGLE MALE ADOLECENT seeks temporary cure for unbecoming hormones. Must be intelligent and pleasing to the eyes. One date. Payment will be negotiated depending on quality of first kiss. Come to Fowl Manor and wait at the gates.

BETA WANTED for completed romance story, pairing together the Observatory Editor “The Humble Mosquito” and Hermione Granger. Author will consider any beta to take this on a “Minor Deity,” as long as she gets to be a god. Oh, what fun, what fun. Contact the author, Dim Aldeberan, at the Orion Awards forums through PM or post.

ELECTRONIC MARVEL lost or stolen by invisible boy. It’s a small cube that sees EVERYTHING andtalks to me. Need hired help for retrieval. I’m not crazy. Contact me at the Chicago Asylum.

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