Issue #2

September 1st, 2006

Happy Birthday, Artemis!

Orion's Toolbelt

On the Count of Three...

Story-weaving for the uninitiated

The White Lily Ever been astounded by the magnificent tapestry of plot threads that someone else has put together? Ever looked at your own paltry efforts to imitate and realised you could never do anything even close? Ever had trouble walking the line between adequate foreshadowing and completely giving away your ending? Ever wondered whether your themes are completely overplayed or practically absent? Ever wondered how you can make the end of your story just rock your readers in place?

Some people seem to simply write brilliance straight off the cuff, and I’ve got no idea how they do it. But let me show you how I manage to fake my way through…

Dr Po Explains It All

An Examination of Opal Koboi

Greetings and salutations. My name is Dr. Moppen Po, PhD (Institute of Mental Health). The following is a detailed study on the psychological health (or lack thereof) and emotional progress of a group of specifically chosen individuals. This study was conducted both for the well-being of these patients and for the advancement of psychological study in the interest of scientific discovery. Please keep in mind that, although none of the patients were harmed during these sessions, I have made many sacrifices to survive this ordeal and may very well need therapy, myself.

Subject A: "Opal"...

Fan Art Gallery

It's Pretty, But What Does it Mean?

Okay. So you see a painting of a sailboat floating along in waters that are so calm and so clear that it has to be fake—and on that cute little boat is a sailor, a pigeon, and a bag of Lay’s potato chips. It’s beautiful, no doubt—so beautiful that it dazzled the admiration and checkbooks out of the many wealthy art collectors in the gallery who are right there with you. But what are you thinking? Most likely, your thoughts are something along the lines of, “WTHBBQ?", “Oh, that’s pretty," or some awkward combination of the two...


Merry X-mas from the Fowls
Title: Merry X-mas from the Fowls
Artist: aqane

Title: ArtyCam2.14.06
Artist: Crownflame

Here Comes the Sun
Title: Here Comes the Sun
Artist: aqane

Writing With Grace

The Art of Alliteration

Often, it’s the subtle things that really add elegance to a piece. With this series of articles, Writing With Grace with provide detailed explanations of writing techniques that can give the piece that polished feeling, and make it a pleasure to read over and over again...

Alternate Universes

For those of you who don’t know, AU is short for “Alternate Universe". In other words, it’s where a fanfic author deviates from the canon when creating his/her own story.

The reasons people enjoy writing or reading AU are simple...