Issue #2

September 1st, 2006

Happy Birthday, Artemis!


The Humble Mosquito Hello, all!

Were pleased you came back for the second edition, which has even more Artemis Fowl and fanfiction-related goodies for your education and enjoyment. And if this is your first visit, welcome! ...

Orion Site News

On the Orion Awards forums, we have recently surpassed the 50 member mark. At the time of writing, we have 56 members...

The Marketing of Fanfiction

AgiVega I must admit I was very flattered when I was offered the opportunity to write an article a month for the Orion Awards fan zine. I asked my readers what they would most like to read about, and all of them replied that they were interested in tips in writing successful fanfics...


Blue Yeti

Yeti's PIN Number Inside!

The Humble Mosquito interviews Blue Yeti

The Humble Mosquito I made an interesting discovery this month: Im the editor and, therefore, get to choose the assignment I want. And this month I definitely wanted to do Author of the Month. Do you know why? Because Id finally get to sit down keyboard to keyboard with cult favourite Blue Yeti. (Okay, I talk to her practically every day, and I recently sent her parents a letter but you know what I mean. I genuinely was excited about this.)

I got the opportunity to ask perhaps my best friend in fandom all kinds of rude and intrusive questions, like her PIN and her honest opinion on my wings...

Fowl and Fandom

Colfer's Touring Schedule, Exciting Comps, Movie News, and New Fansites

Kitty Rainbow has put up dates for three signings that Eoin Colfer will be doing in America at the end of September and beginning of October. They're all in either Minnesota or Illinois. (For a compilation of dates and locations, visit Mesmerised.)...

The Lost Colony

Finally, It's Out of Limbo

Blue Yeti With the blurb, preliminary reviews, and some very good friends telling stories of a girl genius named Minerva, I was not over-confident with my expectations for the fifth Artemis Fowl book, The Lost Colony. Especially when reading the mixed responses at AFC and Orion Awards Forums. (Both links contain heavy spoilers.) ...