The Orion awards honour and recognise outstanding Artemis Fowl fanfiction.


Requirements for Fanfiction

  1. As we are holding the 2006 Awards this year, any fic started, updated, or completed in 2006 is eligible. If a work-in-progress fic started before 2007, but updated after 2007 is nominated, only the part written before 2007 will be Judged. Fics written before or after 2006 will not be accepted.
  2. A fic must focus on or include fictional elements or themes from the Artemis Fowl series. AF crossovers are allowed.
  3. A fic may be of any rating (G through NC-17 / K though MA).
  4. Fics not written in English are allowed, provided that the author has approved an English translation.
  5. Fics do not need to be archived on to be eligible, but they should be somewhere easily accessible by Judges. If it is not archived somewhere accessible, you can contact the author(s) and ask them to submit it to a public archive such as FanFiction.Net (outside link)
  6. A fic may be of any length and status: chaptered complete, chaptered incomplete, oneshot. Songfics and poetry are also allowed, although we have no type category for poetry.
  7. Fics should fulfill a certain quality standard -- things such as spelling and grammar, formatting, relevance to canon, plot, and characterisation. These will all be taken into account, especially for Best Overall.
  8. All nominated fics must fit the description of the category. For example, a nominee for Best Romance must have romance as a major aspect, if not the central focus, of the story.
  9. For a fic to be nominated for the Best Drabble category, it must have 75-500 words, inclusive.


  1. Fics nominated after January 14th will not be not considered.
  2. A single fic may be nominated in up to one Type category and/or two Genre categories. For Single Aspect a fic may be nominated in any or all categories. Any fic may be nommed in the Overall category, regardless of what other categories it's nommed in. For People's Choice a single fic can be nominated in any or all categories.
  3. Nominations must be sent in through the nomination form, posted in the nomming section of the OA forum, or emailed to us, following the specifications set in the nominations template. Nominations presented to us in any other way will not be considered.


  1. Late votes will not be accepted.
  2. One vote per person per poll is allowed. Votes from similar IP Addresses will be removed.