The Orion awards honour and recognise outstanding Artemis Fowl fanfiction.


The Orion Awards are awarded across a number of categories. Each individual fic can be nominated in up to four categories, but only once in each major group. That means you can nominate a single fic once in Genre, once in Type, once in Single Aspect, and once in Overall.

  • Best Overall - the Overall nominees will be judged on everything: writing style, themes, composition, plot, and overall technique. The winner will be one of the most captivating, entertaining, and outstanding fics judged.

People's Choice

  • PC Best Overall Fic - Characterisation, plot, writing style, OC's (if applicable), and technicalities (spelling, punctuation, grammar, canon details, etc.)
  • PC Best Action/Adventure Fic - self-explanatory
  • PC Best Drama/Angst - self-explanatory
  • PC Best Humour - That is, non-parody humour
  • PC Best Relationship Fic - Can be either het or slash; again, the ship must be the main part of the fic
  • PC Best/Most Memorable Line - self-explanatory
  • PC Best Original Character - One that not only lacks Sue-ism, but is also three-dimensional